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I enjoy researching and writing. Sometimes, the two go very well together, and other times - why even mention it?

I have had the honor of having written three (3) fantasy fiction books with the main characters being Natural Born Vampires and their quest for finding the nemesis Vigore. The book's date for the future gives these characters a futuristic look at ancient Vampires Wars in the year of 2092.

The books were specifically written in a special format called Relevant Point of View, allowing the reader to follow the characters in real time.

Non Fiction: RTE

CaptureI have been working through several textbooks and workbooks working with individuals that would like to enhance their lives and become more motivated. Some of the books, such as RTE: Retro-Time Entanglement, works with individuals that wish to understand the flow of life, The Law of Attraction, and how to change their lives.

The RTE Manual was used during a test pilot that the original members of iCore were using in order to unlock the inner potential of each individual in the class.

What was interesting about the RTE Manual is that it paved the road into the supernatural phenomena and led us directly into the research of the paranormal.

The RTE Class was a great deal of fun, and many individuals that had partaken of the Course were able to get what they wanted out of life.

It would appear that the impossible became the possible.

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