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Military Special Forces Group


7SFG Red Flash w CrestMilitary / Veteran
7th Special Forces Group Airborne

Service in the US Army

Service in the US ARMY during peacetime and during moments of intervention through South America and other classified locations. Successfully completed two tours.

Being part of a small team brought out the many differences in everyone as well as the unique qualities. As I learned it, when we were a  team we acted as one and it was as though we could finish each other's thoughts.


body-language-silouhetteThere was the learning of body language and body dynamics that was also another form of communication. Now when I ride my motorcycle on trips with others, I quickly adapt to the minute details of their movements, which allow me to avoid accidents or other dangers that may be on the road.


The other item it helped me learn is emotional discipline. Let's face it: We each have our thresholds of pain, tolerances, and other things that make some of us lose our cool. When you are in real world scenarios, however, there is no room for what you would consider small mistakes. Small mistakes can cost you your life or worse even, the life of someone else.


Teamwork-fishTeamwork is highly overrated and highly underrated. Being part of a team is nothing without you being a participant of the team. As a team member you get yelled at and loved at the same time. It's like being a family with a common objective. You don’t get rid of your brother because he has a pimple on his face or because of his religious beliefs. Likewise, you don’t cling to your beliefs and tell everyone else that this is how you roll. When you are part of the team the objective comes first and the rules are laid out for that objective together. Then you accept people for what they can help and try not to exceed their abilities. Instead of insisting, one could assist them to become stronger and better.


Martial-Arts-FightingCombat is something you do because you have to. It doesn’t make anyone a man or a woman. It keeps you alive, or keeps your team alive. It is not glamorous in any way, except of course when you are watching videos or playing video games.

Combat enforces discipline and camaraderie, emotional intelligence, and teamwork. It is very unlike television.


Life is really too short. Unfortunately without the right training in emotional discipline and other related studies, the sentence “Just Do It” is only pretty words. Sometimes learning how to break a simple habit is nearly impossible, and you give up.


One of the items that really stuck out from the combat soldier and the garrison soldiers was the hype of going to do battle with the enemy. Real soldiers are silent most of the time about things that really don’t matter. They enjoy the ability to think without worry that something is going to happen, or they enjoy the fact that they don’t have be on ready alert just in case something goes wrong.

Combat soldiers are quick to see where something can go wrong.



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