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A Little History


Raised in Germany, born in Puerto Rico, The Novie has always had a knack for working with technology and understanding its uses. However, born on a small island during a large recession and in the middle of The Cold War, he was heading in the direction many young people encounter who lack the resources to control their future.

The-Novie---shipHowever, his luck changed when he was later adopted by a very caring German family which assisted his learning and understanding the importance of obtaining a world wide culture.

Having learned to be resourceful in his birth place, once he was able to obtain the resources, he involved himself with electronics, from computers to software and hardware.

His ability to understand how cultures functioned and his clear understanding of technology, brought him into an alliance with 7th Special Forces Unit in charge of peace keeping missions in Central America.

Finishing his career with the military, The Novie worked for some of the more prestigious corporations such as Kodak, Technical Institutes, and IBM, consistently developing his skills within the Tech World.

Known by his friends to be a "tech wiz", The Novie went from running help desks to working with Information Systems Management, running PC and Server Resolutions, VMWare and Virtual Box, doing technical accounting and vendors sales and marketing. Well rounded with soft skills such as technical writing, RDP and Administration, The Novie graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology in Buffalo, NY.

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