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Martial Arts Instructor


Martial Arts:   Photo Taken on Cruise Ship: The Novie parctices one of the many arts taught to him



Disciplines Studied: Kung Fu, Chi Gong, Wan Chi Chuan, Combat Adaptatin...

A practitioner of many arts, I have learned how the many variation of martial arts and instructors can be.

During skirmishes in the military and in civilian life, I have found that a basic need for martial arts is important.  TV and American life style make popular the aggressiveness of martial arts as well as the need for self defense. The Novie, once instructing the Honduran Government on the effectiveness of combat, has always kept the combative side of himself to himself.


While self-defense is one of the main reasons for the art and one of the most needed, the following is also true.

Martial Arts should be a way of life. The Martial Arts systems that have been long rooted show the intricate detail of the human body from a non combative and week energies to a able combative and stronger body.

Not only can martial arts help you with your strength and defense, it can also bring peace of mind and spiritual encompassment.




The Castle must first be fortified.


When the body is in no need to defend itself because it knows it can.

It reduces fear

  • Reduce or eliminate poor judgement in social conditions
  • Improves self confidence

Most people believe that martial arts promotes violence. Again, that is mostly coming from individual who are not practitioners and probably follow the rogue television images portrayed.

Working through a good martial arts routine also improves not only your chemical health and your mental health but also improves your physical health

  • Improve strength
  • Lubricate joints
  • Improve muscle mass
  • Improve dexterity
  • Improve self awareness


As well if you take a martial arts system (way of life) rather than the American or military combative sport, then you can additionally learn.

  • Transcendental Meditation
  • Self Awareness Meditation
  • Spiritual enlightenment Meditation
  • Chi (Healing Energies)
  • and more.                 



To move like the wind is like to move without restraints and still have form.

 The ability to understand your body dynamic can get you out of many situation including getting out of your a seatbelt when you are in a crash or even known simple tasks like kicking a door down if you're in the same crash.

Falling down accidentally for example due to ice or sand, you can break fall or roll allowing you to escape injury.

The ability to think like the wind is also important to learn to bend around situation where the rigid mind cannot.





If you practice and you train then you know what you are capable.

If you practice and you train then you know what you are capable and incapable simultaneously

The right martial arts system helps you quickly understand what your limitations are.

Health, Stamina, Accuracy, thought process, etcetera.

It can assist you by opposing those limitations and helping you achieve or improve your abilities.

Again Trusting yourself and understanding your personal resources is key in motivation.

thenovie meditationMA


Honest meditation is a means to seek knowledge.

It is not used to sleep better

Learning to meditate and find the inner self.

Oddly enough, and because in most places we tend to set the mind body spirit connection aside for immediate satisfaction of punching and kicking due to lack of understanding the complexity of Martial Arts.

Martial arts systems have a meditative system that helps you improve your performance while enhancing your mind.

Since the Brain waves are waves something like a radio station broadcast, there are ways to purposefully send information to your entire body, helping you to enhance any part of your body, mind and spirit. You can even tap into what the chinese call chi (The Spirit and Healing Energy)



We learn to harmonize our mind body and spirit so we can bond.

Building friendships and an extended family. Martial Arts builds character and camaraderie between members of the same system because of its close knit way of interacting.

Because of the intimacy of Marital Relationships, there is puching each other, kicking each other and there are many good relationships that can be built within your group or mentor.


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