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Welcome to Alliance Agent:



What is the Handbook?


If you ever studied business, had a job, or tried to convey an idea to someone, you will notice that most successful individuals have a means of putting information down that is helpful and needed by individuals that are new to a system of opportunity. This means of putting information down also serves as a reminder to those individuals that have been in the trenches for a while. After all, it's about setting up for success and maintaining that success!


Therefore, a handbook is a very successful tool in obtaining achievable goals and status. It also assists you in maintaining your course.


All information in a handbook is designed to assist you to keep your perspectives intact. It is not intended as any type of lawful documentation. It is only a guide.


So in the end, YOU are responsible for being an UnFranchise Owner in doing what you believe is right to achieve your goals. We are only here to help.


This handbook is unique because it assists you in learning the entire culture and creation of opportunity that is within our current technological grasp, as well as the ability to fulfill many needs for many people all at once.



You will notice that MA/Shop.com is that the roots of our financial stability.


This handbook is only a vehicle in which to make funding possible for nonprofits, economical support for homeowners and family, a chance to get enough money to be able to create other forms of wealth such as real estate etc., and countless of other opportunities. And it is also intended to help individuals achieve their dreams by assisting them with one of the most revolutionary forms of income developed for our time.


MA/Shop.com can revolutionize your life in just a few weeks to a few years.



Alliance Agent: (Goal Outline the benefits of being an alliance agent)


An Alliance Agent is a name that we created in order to give substance in the role for individuals that wish to reach out to other social media entrepreneurs, licensed professionals, wellness professionals, and so forth, using online resources.


So basically, you are working as an agent to any social media outlet by helping them understand the MA/shop.com model in distributing services.



Benefit: Being an Alliance Agent helps individuals that do not have a strong opportunity in


local communities

social network

or profession that will assist them in being able to move products and services with high-volume.


Note however that in MA/Shop.com was never intended to force anyone to have too high volumes of services and products. This is why working through social media can be such a lucrative opportunity for individuals.


How easy can it be?

In a way you have to stop thinking about business. And start thinking about the friends and helping others. These are the easy and simple steps of being an alliance agent.


  • Reach out to social media members online let them know you have an opportunity
  • set your meet and greets ( a 10 minute conversation to get to know their needs)
  • set an next appointment to walk through the MA/Shop.com business Plan
  • Become a mentor until they understand the business well enough that they can mentor someone else
  • Receive 100% of their BV and IBV
  • Go on to your next first social media outlet



The fact is that you can reach out to anyone you would like to and teach them the ways of mastering the MA/Shop.com business model even without the title "Alliance Agent".


We created the title alliance agent so that we could all understand how we work together as a unit.


So What is an Alliance Agent Exactly?


You have to be an independent UnFranchise owner:

this basically means that you register your business with MA/shop.com

you are responsible to maintain your UnFranchise status

you put in your two receipts every three months like everyone else


So what's the difference?

There is a slogan that we work for ourselves but not by ourselves within the MA/shop.com community.


So by working together as a community called iNet Community and deciding to reach out to other social media entrepreneurs to let them know that we are able to assist them with their financial needs by having them own their own UnFranchise opportunity, and working with our online tools so that we can help each other - you become part of the team and hence the name Alliance Agent.


And Alliance Agent will follow the code and conduct required by MA/shop.com manual as well as work together and alliance in order to help social media entrepreneurs stay afloat.




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