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Work from Home - Shopping Annuity
Department: Revenue-Challenge
Job Category: Work From Home
Sub Category:
Job Type: Business Expansion
Job Salary Range: $ - 300 Per Month
Job Shift: Morning
Posted: 2020-04-02
Age: -
Minimum Education: High School
Degree Title: high school diploma
Minimum Experience:
Work Permit:
Required Travel:
Job Status
Job Status: Interviewing
No of Jobs: 0
Start Publishing: 2020-04-02
Stop Publishing: 2021-04-01

About Us

We are an expanding online Product Brokerage company providing Products and Services to individuals and small businesses. We are currently seeking out to fulfill several positions and interests.

Who We’re Looking for:
Individuals who:

  • Have a keen sense of urgency and initiative
  • Pay Attention to detail
  • Are able to fill out forms online correctly and accurately
  • Respect deadlines
  • Are able to follow up
  • Are able to setup and keep appointments
  • Are highly organized and can keep track of events, appointments and commitments
  • Can enter prospects’ and clients’ information online


About This Opportunity


This opportunity has been available for 25 years now and is growing stronger. It has surpassed all recessions in the US and has helped over 200,000 individuals overcome common financial issues and has produced 100s of millionaires.

This opportunity is unique to describe and so the candidate that is selected for this opportunity will be working with a new marketing strategy that economically connects households together and/or economically connects social media entrepreneurs through digital marketing.

Our organization will provide the right candidate with an | Open Corp | Business expansion model that has no territorial restrictions and uncapped income.

Since 2008 companies have been networking using social media and other means to promote their products and services. Imagine having the power to cut out the expense of advertising and be able to connect people to products and people to services.

These opportunities are often very unique and not given to common people. This is because this is a business opportunity and a partnership resembling a Real Estate Financial Compensation Structure rather than a job with a fixed income or glass ceiling.

However, what makes this partnership better than real estate (or similar ventures) is that we work with you. You are not alone or in a highly competitive, territorial environment.

Please note: We are not sales vendors.

  • No high volume sales
  • No at home inventory
  • No door to door sales
  • No local shop to set up
  • No Risk of company Products or Services


We will provide you everything you need.


The Shopping Annuity

  • Learn the safety and convenience of online shopping, turning it into a stream of income, and get paid for teaching and managing others to do the same
  • Extensive choices on our exclusive products and services to choose from
  • No territory restrictions (where opportunity available)
  • Multiple streams of income: No caps on earning retail profit
  • Multiple streams of income: Chance to earn commissions
  • Training and product knowledge resources provided
  • You have the option of doing no sales at all

We are building a fun and educated culture of individuals who have an entrepreneurial spirit and enjoy working at their own pace.

Financial Compensation is based on:

  • Profits if goods are sold
  • Commissions generated by the candidate and
  • Group Commissions that are generated by your team


Earning an Uncapped Income.
Individuals will be provided with an online platform to assist the sales and awareness campaigns as part of a team effort to generate income based on profits, commissions and group commissions.

Individuals will have full use of inventory online in order to promote the products we have selected. The candidate will be shown how to manage his or her product line.

The candidate may use local and online social media resources in order to enable sales for profit or commissions.


Job Duties Include:

  • Setting appointments
  • Performing direct sales if desired
  • Provide minor customer service duties as needed
  • Train under the supervision of a senior Alliance Agent.
  • Attend and participate in additional training as needed
  • Attend virtual meetings (online)
  • Individuals with a keen sense of urgency and initiative
  • Attention to detail
  • Able to fill out forms online correctly and accurately
  • Respecting deadlines
  • Is able to follow up
  • Is able to setup and keep appointments
  • Is highly organized and can keep track of events, appointments and commitments
  • Can enter prospects’ and clients’ information online
  • Candidates will need to be able to have and retain product knowledge, contribute to an online knowledgebase.
  • Candidates will be responsible for online transactions assisting with the sale of the products.


Ideal Candidates:

We believe and have witnessed that this Business-Cooperative Opportunity can be beneficial for:

  1. Individuals who are employed and who don’t want to work more than 3-5 hours a week.
  2. Individuals who would like to supplement or replace their income which has had experience working with other like-minded individuals.
  3. Individuals that have the ability to reach out through Social Media based on their online niches. 
  4. Individuals that are established on Social Media (YouTube, Facebook, etc.).
  5. Individuals with keen organizational skills that can work with our team to generate revenue online or locally.

We are currently seeking out individuals that are wanting to expand their opportunities for retail profit and would like to become part of a growing team of nearly 200,000 individuals that have taken part in creating an intelligent business opportunity for themselves.


Benefits to You

Largest Inventory of Products:

  • We have over 3,000 products online directly impacting your profit margin
  • We have accessibility to over 45,000 partner stores which are recognized names as the industry leaders.
  • All of our products are certified and leading-edge.
  • No sales experience required, although it is preferred.
  • No inventory required.
  • No responsibility for shipping and product returns.
  • Training is available online.


Flexible Hours
This opportunity allows you to work your own hours, maintaining a great deal of flexibility with your current work schedule or ideal home situation and even job career changes.
You are part of a team environment that cares about your growth. Work Your Own Hours: At your own pace, and with others.

Distribution That’s Right for You:

  • No inventory to keep track of. All products are online and are delivered directly from the company
  • Little overhead costs
  • No deceptive advertisements
  • No fees
  • No licenses needed
  • You are part of a team environment that cares about your growth.
  • Be able to sell in all every state of the US and select countries and territories outside of the United States

Be Assisted by Alliance Agents

We have available fitness educated individuals to assist you in your growth and transition into this opportunity.

Have Access to Superior Products and Services in Quality and Performance
We have a product line for achieving:

  • General Wellness
  • Digestive Cleansers
  • Detox and optimal digestive health
  • Heart Health
  • Immune System boosters
  • Anti-Aging
  • Wellness for Children
  • Anti-stress
  • Blood Cleansing
  • Support against Arthritis, more

Other Product Lines:

  • Home and car care
  • Debt management software
  • Pet health supplements (dogs and cats)
  • Cosmetics and Beauty

We have online resources that will be used to assist in the sales and services of our product line.


Using Open Corp:

We Use Online Software

  • You work as a team
  • The team helps you build your income streams
  • You can keep up with your clients
  • Establish Collaboration
  • Online Email Forms and templates ready for you to use
  • Alliance Agent Work Book

Tools and Services Provided

  • Selected Candidate will be assigned to an Alliance Agent
  • The candidate will be given an online interview and orientation 

Remote Opportunity: Work from anyplace in the world. No restrictions.



Read more about OPEN CORP here.



Basic Qualifications:

  • Must have Laptop or Desktop Computer
  • Must have internet access
  • Must have Excellent Interpersonal Skills
  • Must be Trainable
  • Must be willing to self-manage and to work as a team member
Prefered Skills

Preferred Skills:

  • Customer Service Experience
  • Help Desk Experience
  • Sales and/or Retail Sales Experience

Software Knowledge:

  • Microsoft Product Knowledge
  • Google Services Knowledge
  • Contact Management System knowledge a plus

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