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As a photographer I enjoy working with natural light, green screen and other elements for those whom I have worked with.

Photography in today’s market is no longer about the still poses you can create or the quick snapshots that are often taken.

I for example enjoy working a more dramatic angle with the flair of hollow wood or anime style.

 In order for this to work, the photo needs to be able to tell a story through the acting out of emotions or by using the landscape.

Quite often I enjoy taking photo shoots and movie shots, as I like to term them.

I have created several covers for novels and currently take web-photos to enhance the websites by combining the photography with storyline props and text.


Photoshoots For:



FotoFun: Did I say you were photogenic? It's a free service to you.

FotoFun = (No charge) Depends on the project:



I started offering small photo interview sessions because I enjoy working with others on small private projects such as for school, personal use, etc.

Many times you would like to take some memorable photos of yourself or perhaps you would like to explore a little bit of the wild side and cannot get someone reliable to take your photos on your budget or your time schedule.

Sometimes I meet a few individuals that truly have unique features or characteristics that can be captured on film.

Many people don’t realize how truly beautiful and amazing they really are.

Did I say you're photogenic? If I did you probably are.


Story Boarding:


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Have you ever thought that you were good enough for pictures? We have a team of freelance writers that are looking for individuals that enjoy taking pictures for fun and fantasy.

We look for unique features in individuals so that we can then create a simulated character from them.

This is a free service and we give you complimentary photos and other products related to the photo shoot that we take.

We allow you to be yourself or be whoever you want to be during the photo shoots.
Take a trip on the expressive side and be your own fantasy figure for free.

My Portfolio Consists of:


Free for Friends


  • FotoFun               (Free)
  • Story Boarding     (Free)
  • Documentaries        (Free)
  • Nonprofits           (Free)
  • Personal               (Free)


Events and Projects


  • School Projects
  • Small Businesses
  • Social Events


Personal Events


  • Weddings
  • Websites






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