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Getting cash back is as easy as 1-2-3. It's no joke!

So how do you do it?
Imagine being able to get cash back on almost everything you purchase.

First, let's get rid of your disbelief!
A few years back when TeVo and DVRs became very popular, advertisers found it very difficult to introduce new products into the market. The reason was the DVRs could bypass the commercials.

As a matter of fact, the commercial industry was attempting to pass a law forcing DVR owners to be forced to watch the commercials. They were proposing DVR manufacturers should be forced to disable the feature that will allow you to bypass commercial.

Imagine that! Some innocent Joe or Jane would buy a DVR in order to watch their show only to find out that they were forced to watch the same commercial they were avoiding in the first place.

Obviously, the law was not passed. This made a quake in the industry. Marketers, companies, and the commercial industry were about to lose a great deal of income.

However, you must admit it is quite useful finding the commercials that you wish to see when you need them. But let's face it, we do not mind readers. Millions of dollars a day go into finding out how to market to people what they need and when they need it.

There's no need to fear, a new company is here!
So along came a company who decided, after working for over 25 years in the industry of helping consumers, to work with these retro-progressive companies' sales ideas (meaning the very stores you shop at normally). They could not resist - but they were confused as to how it would work. 


You see, that said company had over 200,000 individuals that owned their very own Each individual had their very own's unique method of advertisement and their own clientele. These individuals were accustomed to working with the public since they were part of the public themselves.

After a nightmarish accounting algorithm, they created a way where everyone could benefit and profit. By persuading the partner stores to loosen their wallets a little bit more, The great system became even better. Now was able to use their phantom workforce in order to provide quality services and benefit families abroad which participate in shopping or the Shopping Annuity.

When you meet a representative - you are meeting organic individuals with organic thinking which has professional training from a professional company. Shhh! Most of this happens behinds the scene. The clients and the consumer only know that they are getting the best deals from all the stores you normally shop in and you are getting TAX FREE CASH BACK.

The company decided to work in two different modalities.


shopping annuity bannerFirst Thing's First:
If you own your very own all you had to do is:

1. Simply tell a friend to use your web portal in order to find the products they wanted getting the search engine provided by Microsoft, over 40,000 stores.

2. The friend would receive free cash back as long as they use their registered email (provided in the sign up) in order to track the spending.

3. Make your purchases and receive cash back.

4. Of course, as a business owner, you are entitled to running your very own cash back as well as several other streams of income.

5. As a client, all you needed to do is create an account by using your email, and you would be entitled to cash back at absolutely no cost to you (as a preferred client).

6. not only provides a list of prices for all of your new products and services, but it enables you to have the Shop Buddy App which provides you with all of these incentives, coupon, and the sales.

7. also provides you with your very own online personal customer service. Each owner of the has a great opportunity to help its own customers and creating a community online of friends helping friends.

8. Deal Finder App: Imagine that you are on a budget and only want to pay a certain amount of money for a very specific product. However, the product is only one line but it's out of your budget range. Now you can tell what price would like to pay and reviews super to look for your item each and every day for the price which you selected.

9. also has a great deal more.

10. Being the Hero: You may not know it but when you shop with a you are helping families by being part of the income stream. - Making you the hero.

It is true to say that many individuals put their children to school, have been able to retire, handle the bills, and much more. But by shopping at a you're helping families overcome economic challenges on a day-to-day basis.


Second of All:

 At any time any client (customer) can receive training to open up their very own for as little as $129. Most of the training is free and it's especially useful to join the iNet Community that has put this program together for you.

Good luck, happy shopping and thank you for participating in a program that can revolutionize the world. Thank you for being the hero. 




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Unlike traditional malls, our site is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so it's always available to you.

It's Convenient:

This convenience creates a true enjoyment for shopping online! - You can search anything you're looking for, all from the comfort of one site instead of having to search different websites to find everything you're looking for.

We have it all!

If you're looking for anything from skincare products, sports, flowers or clothes, there truly is something for everyone. You simply need to type what you're looking for into the search bar (located at the top of our homepage) and hit enter. It's that easy! 

Portal Tour: 

Once you sign up for your free account, we will even take you on a portal tour to help you Shop, Save, and Rave.


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Step 2: Shopbuddy



Download ShopBuddy

ShopBuddy is a free application that ensures you never miss out on earning cash back for anything you were going to buy anyway.


Get Alerts

Get Alerts about your favorite coupons and deals plus earn cash back.

Clip your favorite coupons for use later, or Like a coupon to help us provide better coupons in your coupon feed.


Tell a Friend and Make More Money:

Share your coupons with friends on social media, to help you earn cash back while your friends get a great deal.


Save While You Drive - But Don't Text and Drive!

Don't forget to download the ShopBuddy Mobile app through, where available. Shop more, Save more.



Step 3:Start Shopping





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