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Meet Heather


Heather's a really smart girl who wants to do something more than just work her 9 to 5 job. She realized that in order to retire and live as she is living today, she will need to earn at least 1.6 million dollars in the bank. Don't get her wrong, she loves her job very much. Like many other individuals, she finds it rewarding. She was told that all she had to do is be herself and put some videos online in good places. With some good keywords, titles, and descriptions, she could be well on her way to supplementing her income by doing what she loves on social media.

Like many others, she decided to take a few finance courses after listening to a few online self-help courses. She realized that neither the banking system nor her job will provide her with the funding she will need to retire or even invest money into a retirement fund for her. She realized she was going to have to do this all on her own.

So, after listening to a few shows online, she liked the idea of sharing some of her life experiences, professional advice, and other talents in Social Media videos. She figures if she keeps this up, it can eventually replace her 9 to 5.

But how can she start? How can she find something that can indeed be hard work but still be a rock solid investment for her present and future?

 Let's watch to see if she can figure it out.


What Heather Did to Start:


 See how Heather gets help from Lucy with her Social Media Platform!


Who is Lucy, and how did she play a role in the success Heather obtained?

When she first heard about the idea of monetizing, her initial thought was that she could provide her talents and someone would pay her royalties. 

However, she quickly learned that this was far from the truth!

But, being the positive person that she is, she felt that that information had to be somewhat true. She just had not discovered how exactly it could be done yet. After all, she was a firm believer that if you do what you love, everything would be alright. 

It was not until Heather was watching an advertisement on a show called Become The Source, and saw the Self- Sponsoring opportunity offered through the DynexSM Project, that she was intrigued. Her quick research helped her to find out the real secrets behind being successful. She also learned that The DynexSM Project, as well as other opportunities, were part of a free online community called The iNet Community. This is where she met Lucy and learned how to Self-Monetize. She was already familiar with YouTube monetization. But she also knew that it was limited, and if her viewers did not watch or click on sponsored ads that she could not control on her Social Media Channel, she did not get paid.

  • She quickly realized that most individuals that attempt to start a business online doing the things that they love, often discover later, after they have exhausted all of their resources, that monetizing was not the way to go. 
  • She did not know that individuals on YouTube and other Social Media Platforms don't get paid for their content.
  • She also noticed that many people claiming to be successful at monetizing, did so by telling others how to be successful at monetizing which lead to the sales of their own books and courses on how to monetize.
  • So how did Heather change her ideas and go from rags to riches? She had help from Lucy. 



 But what happens to Heather if she invites others?



Bob needed another form of income and decided to joins the team and realizes that he is a business for himself, but not by himself. He starts to see that he can do the shopping annuity, the DynexSM Project, DebtShreadder program, Health and Wellness and the slew of other opportunities.  

By Helping bob earn profits, commissions, and group commissions,  Heather earns 100% of Bob's business volume and applies it to her commission checks each week. Lucy earns the 100% of the group commission as well. 

So the next step is to register and get your appointment ready.







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About NSA6


Welcome to Novism Synergy Alliances!

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 Humanity's Last Hope.


Download Shop Buddy and start saving:

Novism Synergy Alliances is the foundation for individuals across the world to have the ability to learn about the world they live in and how they, as individuals, may participate in the bigger picture. 

United as a team of "Free Entities" and sharing collective knowledge, individuals can then thrive.

This site was originally designed as a hub of information, so that the human race, as individuals, would have the ability to participate in situations and conditions suitable to their needs. 

diversity in business is sexy

What We Do:

We provide an alternative and lucrative resource of revenue for individuals, as well as:

  • Social Media
  • Home Owners
  • Nonprofits
  • Churches
  • Small Business
  • Wellness Consultants
  • Financial Consultants

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Web Developers
  • Retirees
  • Trainers
  • Educators
  • Licensed Professionals
  • ...and much more. 

We can even teach you how to change your spending and convert it into a shopping annuity.

We do this free of charge. 

 succes w business tools banner

About This Site:

This site is designed as a resource for any of the nearly 200,000 entrepreneurs using this revolutionary system of earning a revenue. 

You might note that this is one of the easiest businesses you could ever get involved with to make an income at home, enhance your existing business, start a career, become a mentor, or get paid well for your social media.

We have designed this page so you can get a little taste of what it would be like to become part of a business in a box that was intended for people of all walks of life.



All The Tools You Need To Financially Succeed Online:

Learning how to Self Monetize? You've come to the right place! We will show you for free!!


  You put a lot of time and work into your blog. Wouldn't it be nice to make money from it?

Anyone who runs a blog knows it takes a fair amount of time (and sometimes, money) to create the kind of interesting content that keeps visitors coming back - or to entice others to contribute to it. Getting a return on your investment can be challenging if you don't have the right guidance, tools, and information for the job.

If you're looking for some new ideas on how to generate revenue from your blog, YouTube Channel, or website, there's not a better place to turn to than to monetizing!



Learning to Monetize Your Social Media



Want a YouTube Channel to monetize and don't know what to do?

Libraries are slowly becoming a thing of the past, as more and more books and paper records are becoming available digitally.

The power of social media has grown in many ways. Simultaneously, e-Commerce has become the number one method of sales. Brick and mortar stores are slowly disappearing from the map, as more and more people go online to shop. And with the convenience and almost unlimited variety of what's out there for customers, who can blame them?

The iNet Community has researched over 500 of the most lucrative e-Commerce and Social Media environments that are known to the current industry, in order to assist the empowerment of you becoming the best YOU that there is and to get your chance to benefit from the online shopping phenomenon!

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 Monetization and Self-Monetization

Attract more visitors with monetizing through means of SHOP.com

We assist individuals in learning how to monetize their abilities so that creative freedoms can continue on the Web. 

As we already know, multi-level marketing companies have monopolized the economy since the empowerment of Corporations. After all, multi-level marketing boasts the potential to help you earn money and start a whole new legitimate career without the downfalls of a corporation. It seems though, that multi-level markets have also gotten a bad reputation. What if there was a solution that took the best of those concepts and turned it into a new kind of career potential?



Youtubers youtubers 35519437 250 337


Level Up! Join the iNet Community through DynexSM!

DynexSM is the Revolution Economy, self-sponsored by working and independent UnFranchise Owners, using Market America and SHOP.com as a source of knowledge and product/service distribution. That means you are the boss of your own career.

DynexSM is powering your social media outlet through MA for empowering freedom of the arts.

  • It is designed to collectively connect with people all over the globe with assistance from the iNet Community.

iNet Community is a community of funded volunteers that have been working for several years assisting other individuals online gain the structure and understanding which is needed in order to be successful online.

Our services are free to individuals all over the world.






The founders of this Cyber Hub intended the information and solutions provided by the organization(s), to be speculative and yet resourceful. It was originally intended to assist individuals to empower themselves by assisting with Information Dissemination, providing established solutions, and attending to matters outside of the mainstream.

The founders understood very well how Big Companies studied the many ways of manipulating the masses by instilling fear and hyperbolizing their authority. The Umbrella Corporations, in order to make fast profits, omitted certain information that would later enhance the dependence of the masses.


Be the Change: Do you want to know more?

Click on the next tab "What is it?"







Credits: This video was produced with MA / Shop.com materials and an UnFranchise Owner.


A Unique Business Like No Other 

Multiple Streams of Income


In today's economy, the safety net of traditonal jobs is shrinking. But for thousands of years, what made the wealthy people stay wealthy was a secret not usually taught in mainstream society.

Have multiple sources of income. This opportunity allows you to earn multiple streams of income, such as:

  • Cashback on your purchases
  • Saving money by using the Shop.com web portal
  • Getting profit on all items you purchase for yourself sold on your Shop.com web portal (this is called the Shopping Annuity).
  • Getting profit, business volume, internet business volume, and cash back on items that others purchase on your Shop.com web portal.
  • Getting business volume and internet business volume on items from other UnFranchise Owners that are in your business co-op.

Personal Benefits


Pay Off Debt Early:

Save money and make money at the same time by using our Debt Shredder program. Save on your credit cards, student loans, mortgages, and other high interest, terrifying loans.

As an MA/Shop.com UnFranchise Owner, you have the exclusive ability to a 50% discount off of our Debt Shredder program. This will allow you to learn how you can save from $45,000* to $400,000* or more on interest. In addition to saving money on interest, the Debt Shredder program also teaches you to build wealth (more on that later). You can also choose to master the program and use it as another income asset when you are working to retire in as little as 2-3 years.

Earlier Retirements:

We've said it before, but we'll say it again. Because the MA/Shop.com binomial compensation program is intended to work in 2 - 3 years, earning you up to $3,600* per week (or $187,200* a year), you can actually retire from your 9-5 job sooner than you ever could in a 45-year traditional corporate job.


Sometimes we have our dreams that we would like to make come true, but we do not have the capital to invest in our own ideas. 

Imagine that by working your 2-3 year MA / Shop.com plan, you could be able to invest residual income (like having free money) to invest in the ideas that you would like with little to no financial risk by using business money earned from MA/Shop.com instead of your personal savings.

Willable Assets:

It is a Will-able asset, which means you can legally pass it down it down to your children up to 3 generations. 

Tax Breaks:

You get potential tax  breaks on:

  • Travel
  • Meals and entertaining
  • Home office
  • Car repairs
  • The products that you buy
  • Gifts
  • Car Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Cell phone bills

Your Health:

MA/Shop.com has wellness product lines that are used in licensed health professional offices (such as doctors, chiropractors, etc.) that will help you take charge of your own life.

So you've seen how the Shopping Annuity can personally benefit you and your loved ones. Now see why the Shopping Annuity is part of a long-term solution for business.


*The income levels mentioned in this article are for illustration purposes only. They are not intended to be representative of the earnings of any specific class of Market America Independent UnFranchise Owner, YouTuber, or any other individual or business involved in social media, nor are they intended to represent that any given Independent UnFranchise Owner, YouTuber, or other social media professional will earn income in that amount. The success of any Market America Independent UnFranchise Owner, YouTuber, or other social media professional will depend upon the amount of hard work, talent, and dedication which he or she devotes to building his or her Market America business. 


Benefits +


Think Long Term and Persevere: Every dream takes work and focus, but if you follow the advice and tips from those who have already succeeded, you too will also succeed. Cheyn Crangle, one of the younger most successful UnFranchise Owners, shares his secrets to how he worked hard and made it.



Business Benefits

  • Partner Stores 
    MA/Shop.com has thousands of partner stores. Wal-Mart, Macy's, Target, Forever 21, Home Depot, and Best Buy are just a few. You can get the same items you still know and love. You can even get cash back and IBV when you or your client's shop. 
  • Free Mentors 
    With MA/Shop.com, you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. You will be working as a team.
  • No Territorial Restrictions
    Anyone anywhere can be your client and your business partner.
  • Working as a Team
    Shorten your learning curve by working locally or online with your team or the teams that you build.
  • Online and Local Seminars and Training
    Get training and courses worth thousands of dollars at only a fraction of the price, to give you a success mindset and resources you need to do this business.
  • Websites Tailored for You 
    You get your very own websites (yes, more than one) to promote the products and services you are passionate about or that help you in your current line of business.

  • Shopping Annuity: (No Selling - Just Sharing)
    When you purchase items for yourself and your household and teach other households to work together, you create a Co-op of households economically connected. And you earn 100% BV from each other!
  • DynexSM Project: (Dynamic Exchange for Social Media)
    Increase your revenue quickly by working with iNet Community's DynexSM Project. Learn how you can help Social Media entrepreneurs self-monetize by showing off their MA / Shop.com. Watch your income rise up high levels by earning 100% of the BV they make.

  • Make a Career for Yourself
    By focusing on a major industry offered through MA/Shop.com, you can learn to master a career path that will allow you to expand your organization more quickly.


These are just some of the benefits of starting your own business with us. But there are more benefits and frankly, it is the safest and easy way to start your way into getting what you deserve out of life.

Ready to Start? Check out "How to Start" and the Shopping Annuity!

Get Started

 Carl Eklund, also known as Mr. Shopping Annuity, explains the benefits of the first (and easiest) way to start your own UnFranchise Business.


Once most individuals actually realize the answer to the question "What is it?"--that it can be anything and everything to them. And once they see all the personal and business benefits, the very first thing they want to know is how much does it cost and how to get started.


So let's talk about how to get started!

Firstly, you have to be invited.  No, that's not a sales gimmick. And if you come off that way to one of our Alliance Agents, chances are you're not going to qualify. We are very serious about this rule.

Novism Synergy Alliances has made it clear that there will be no coercion, no lying, no pushy sales people--Simply because there's nothing to sell or be pushy about.

But needless to say, you have to be invited. If you have not received an invitation, you can simply click on Contacts and pick one of the UnFranchise Owners to see if they would like to sponsor you.

If you've received a special invitation,  it is because one of our members was able to see some potential in you that would help you become successful. Once you are invited you will be asked to have a 15-minute conversation to see how this wonderfully dynamic business can suit your needs and help you on your way.


What do I need to be able to qualify?
Qualification is a little bit strange for some folks. Your sponsor has to see the potential. Some of the key items we look for in a potential candidate: 

  • Trainability
  • Dependability
  • Reliability
  • Personal Responsibility  ...and being honest about your interest so that we can match you up with the right business model and the correct training.
  • Being honest about your interest so that we can match you up with the right business model and the correct training.
  • Willingness to participate in online and local training
  • Having a passion to help others
  • Having a good sense of humor
  • ...and an understanding that this is a 2 to 3 plan that takes time and effort

Sign up for a Meet and Greet: 

Once you and your sponsor/mentor have your first meeting greet, your sponsor will take you through the business step by step. 

Once again, we are a free service: Notice that we have not asked you for any kind of money or payment of any kind. We do not collect a single penny from you. All payments and money exchanges are between you and Shop.com / MA. 

When you register for your business, all of your information will be stored privately and you will be able to maintain that information. It is something you own and it is all for yourself. But when all is said and done, if you cannot see the power of this business and how we can help you and your family,  this may not be the right time for you. We can and would like to respect that.

 Lisa and Edward Grant speak about how they were introduced to this powerful opportunity. These two hard working individuals had tried similar opportunities and had decided this was the best one out there.


Get Your Meet and Greet Appointment: 

After your meeting, you will be presented with some (free) online classes so that you understand how to grow your business. Remember, your sponsor does not receive any form of income for training you, the training you attend, or registering your business.

Your sponsor is there to assist you to grow your business and earn commission checks. So no monkey business or fishy stuff, unless you are an actual monkey or you live in a pond.

Going Through the Different Levels of Strategy:
Since this is your business and we are only here to help you grow your business, you'll be shown different levels of strategies where you can earn more income faster and faster, depending on your ability or desire to grow your income.

In reality, everyone gets paid the same way and from one source of revenue streaming automatically built on the next.

Your 1st Level of Business 

The first level is called a Shopping Annuity: Everyone begins at the Shopping Annuity because it is the easiest way to build your Income stream(s). Once you understand the products and services, you may want to start producing a profit and expanding your income stream by sharing your knowledge of the products with others.

Your 2nd Level of Business

Once you become familiar and comfortable with 1 of the billion-dollar product lines, you can also start a career focusing strictly on any one of those product lines available.

Your 3rd Level of Business

Once you're comfortable with working with other folks and talking about your products, you may enter the realm of social media and express your products and services on social media using the DynexSM Project. This level has been called the most fun, as it allows you to be creative in what content you want to share!

And at any time, you can help and manage others to also produce other streams of income...which allows you to get paid from yet another stream of income!

Novism Synergy Alliances, for example, has Alliance Agents that work with the DynexSM Project and TeamNovism which in turn work with the other products and services such as the Shopping Annuity.

Not only will the Novism Synergy Team and the DynexSM Project assist you with your needs and training, but you also can rely on company training resources and material from Market America / Shop.com. And you can even combine forces with hundreds and hundreds of other individuals that have created groups such as Team Novism and the DynexSM Project, to find your niche in your community or your social media lifestyle.


Ask US


So what's the next step? Fill out the free consultation form! 

(Services For: NSA6, DynexSM Project, Become The Source, NCC6, coaching and mentoring are all FREE)


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